Flagler Beach Sports and Sporting Goods Stores

You’ll find the residents of the Flagler Beach area are athletic and sports minded. Whether you’re into extreme sports, x-games, or more traditional team sports like baseball, football, or hockey, you can count on Flagler Beach for providing outstanding sporting goods.

Hockey Bookstore

Hockey BookstoreHockey and sport related books based out of Flagler Beach, Florida

Michigan Suits

Michigan SuitsFrom the beginning, Michigan Enterprises, The People's Loft, founded by Mike Michigan, has had a very simple philosophy about making jumpsuits: make it strong, at a reasonable price, design it with freefall balance in mind, for the type of skydiving it's used for.


SZABOINCKnife products & designs with other Martial Arts and sporting goods.

Baseball Planet

Baseball PlanetBaseball Planet is a partnership between well respected dealers in the state of Florida who have been in the card business for 20+ years and have thousands of happy customers
Baseball Planet is dedicated to bringing fairly graded sportscards to the public, at low, wholesale prices. If you are at all hesitant of buying over the computer, don't be. Baseball Planet offers a very liberal return policy and will provide references if you want them.

Hockey Camps

Hockey CampsHockey related camps and resources