Flagler Beach Spiritual Links

Get in touch with your inner self in Flagler Beach, Florida. After all, it’s not ALL about the beach!

The Ifa Foundation

The Ifa FoundationThe Ifa Foundation of North America, for more than 30 years, has pioneered introducing Ancient African Wisdom to the Western World. Introducing it in the context of how it was created...not as a fearful Afro/Carribean imitation of the worst of Christianity, but as a proud, thoughtful philosophy that empowers its adherents. Through this personal empowerment you are able to throw off the shackles of paternalism and fear and use these ancient energies to alter events through their logical application. Love, Money, Relationships, Health, Conception, Legal Issues, Family and Career can all be positively changed and made more favorable.

Recovering Former Cultists' Support Network

Recovering Former Cultists' Support NetworkRecovery resources for folks hurt by their involvement with abusive and controlling organizations and relationships.