Flagler Beach Shark Attack and Shark Fishing

In recent weeks there have been a number of shark sightings and attacks off of Flagler Beach Florida. In the most recent attack a surfer was involved in a near miss; however the bull shark had taken a large bite of her surfboard. It was estimated to have been around nine feet.

Flagler Beach Florida Shark Attack and Shark Fishing

Another shark, this time a Hammerhead was caught by a local fisherman on Flagler Beach with its estimated weight thought to be around 550 pounds and more than 12 feet long. Coincidently this was the same spot as the surfer attack just days before.Despite the warning signs posted, these attacks haven’t deterred swimmers from heading into the dangerous waters off Flagler or any other nearby beach. These dangerous creatures have a hard time distinguishing the difference between a human hand or foot and a fish.

Florida is known as the shark capital of the world followed by Australia in second. Last year attacks left 23 people injured on these dangerous stretches of beaches near Flagler Beach Florida. Generally most shark attacks are not fatal.