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If you need medical care, you’ll finds that Flagler Beach offers some of Florida’s finest facilities and medical practitioners. Find a Flagler Beach doctor or nurse for your good health.

Nature's Nurse Fijian Red Mangrove

Nature's Nurse Fijian Red MangroveWe searched for a natural way to ease our seasonal challenges, from colds to allergies. As you can guess, we didn't find it in a factory or a lab. It was waiting for us on the shores of Fiji, where it has been for centuries.

Dr. Ted Anders, Ph.D.

Dr. Ted Anders, Ph.D.Dr. Anders has been serving clients around the globe since he founded his corporate performance coaching firm in 1986. Prior to creating his private practice, Ted served as an Astronaut Training Manager and Flight Planning Analyst for NASA. His work is based on the premise that passion, spiritual energy, and innovation reside in everyone at all levels of an organization. His techniques release, focus, and sustain entrepreneurial resources in an accountable, fast-paced manner. Constructive results are achieved within very reasonable timeframes.